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From light to heavy.
Because flexibility counts.

Thanks to the intelligent combination of the double feed ram system and single-shaft shredder the plastic recycling machine is able to process a very broad spectrum of different material types and forms: from heavy, free-flowing and self-feeding plastics to lightweight and large-volume materials. The high-performance ISEC evo also makes light work of processing extremely tear-resistant input material such as fibres and strapping.

And ISEC evo also proves its flexibility when it comes to the rhythm of the feeding. It is no problem for the system if it is fed discontinuously, for example, or with a variety of material forms directly after each other: the ingenious double feed ram system and single-shaft shredder adapt flexibly to your internal logistic requirements.

Your recycling benefits


High flexibility

Efficient processing of many different material types and forms

System adapts flexibly to your desired feeding rhythm: discontinuous material input no problem


Easy operation.
Saves time. Saves labour.

Operators of ISEC evo systems have got it good. Because thanks to the innovative istart technology, operation is particularly easy and convenient. The machine is ready to operate within an extremely short time and then works its way through the prepared input material without any personnel required.

The high degree of automation ensures stable processes and constantly high recycled pellet quality as a result of, for example, the automatic feeding or forwarding control on the pelletiser motor. With these and a series of further istart features such as the practical automatic heating system or integrated recipe management you save considerable time and labour. The result: the system basically “looks after itself”.

Your recycling beneftis


Machine ready to start within seconds

Automation minimises labour requirements, ensures stable processes and quality

Processing parameters for a variety of materials which have been saved are uploaded easily and conveniently from the recipe management system using the touchscreen

Operators do not require any special knowledge

In the unlikely event: integrated service modem with rapid access to service hotline


Saving energy.

ISEC evo stands for energy efficiency that pays off. From the first minute. Because thanks to intelligent isave technology, the machine works in an extremely power-saving way, thus reducing your running costs in production. Kilogram by kilogram. Hour after hour.

With a complete package of design and process engineering measures, isave reduces the specific energy requirements of the machine. These include high-quality energy-efficient components such as premium motors.

With the practical energy display on your operating panel you have an overview of your current energy consumption at all times. This means that you can take specific measures to optimise consumption even further.

Your recycling beneftis


Considerably lower specific energy consumption

Saving energy means saving production costs

Reduced CO2 emissions: an important contribution to environmental protection

LDPE Stretch
PE start-up lumps
PP edge trims
Raffia and big bags
PP filaments
Fibre bales, endless tape