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evolution of efficiency. ISEC evo.

Even more throughput, even easier to operate, even greater cost-efficiency in plastic recycling. ISEC evo.


The high-performance shredder-extruder combination from PURE LOOP now gives you even more performance. You can now use the plastic recycling machine to turn your valuable production waste into recycled plastic pellets with the best quality characteristics in an even gentler process. Powerful, safe and quiet.


Whether you have heavy, lightweight, large-volume or highly tear-resistant industrial or post-industrial materials, with the innovative material all-rounder you have maximum flexibility at all times. Including top energy efficiency. For more cost-efficiency, productivity and quality in plastic recycling.


ISEC. Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination.



material all-rounder

Whether it is solid parts or hollow bodies, roll material or punching scrap, lumps or trims: with the new ISEC evo you remain completely flexible.

The unique ifeed technology makes it possible with the combination of double feed ram and single-shaft shredder.


Sensitive plastic recycling.
From the beginning.

The more carefully the plastic is processed, the better the quality of the recycled pellets. The first steps in the recycling process are of particular importance here. The target is: lowest material degradation.

The new ISEC evo meets this requirement profile in every respect because, thanks to the conical transition from the single-shaft shredder to the extruder, the material is compacted and oxygen is reduced. Working together with the double feed ram system, this technology also ensures continuous and uniform filling of the extruder. Completely in keeping with a high quality of your recycled pellets.

Your benefits


High pellet quality through sensitive processing

High return rates of the recycled pellets to your production process

Stable throughput

How it works.

Please touch the numbers for detailed information

Throughput* Width incl. conveyor belt Frame width Length without degassing Length with double degassing Height
ISEC evo 002 70 - 140 kg/h 7300 mm 3000 mm 6900 mm 7800 mm 3000 mm
ISEC evo 102 130 - 230 kg/h 7300 mm 3000 mm 6900 mm 7800 mm 3000 mm
ISEC evo 202 170 - 300 kg/h 7300 mm 3000 mm 6900 mm 7800 mm 3000 mm
ISEC evo 252 280 - 400 kg/h 7300 mm 3000 mm 7400 mm 8300 mm 3000 mm
ISEC evo 302 380 - 520 kg/h 8800 mm 3200 mm 9400 mm 10500 mm 3200 mm
ISEC evo 402 450 - 750 kg/h 10000 mm 3700 mm 10500 mm 11800 mm 3500 mm
ISEC evo 502 600 - 1000 kg/h 10000 mm 3700 mm 10900 mm 12500 mm 3500 mm
ISEC evo 602 1000 - 1250 kg/h 11300 mm 4828 mm 13386 mm 15720 mm 4041 mm
ISEB evo 702 1200 - 1500 kg/h 11300 mm 4828 mm 13806 mm 16500 mm 4041 mm

* Throughtputs based on LDPE film processing, without degassing


ISEC evo.

Thinking further flexibly.

The plastic recycling machine adapts to your scrap logistics with a large portion of flexibility. This includes the intelligent ISEC evo technologies ifeed, istart and isave. And this also includes the fact that we take a flexible approach to your waste management system. In terms of efficient material input, for example.

Because the less you have to handle your material between your production line and the recycling system, the lower the risk of contamination and consequently the higher the quality you can achieve for the recycled pellets.


Recycling inline solutions

  • Direct link of your production line to the ISEC evo recycling system (e.g. blower system for edge trim)
  • Fully automatic, continuous processing of your production scrap
  • No intermediate storage, no additional material handling necessary

Recycling offline solutions

  • We adapt our standard designs of conveyor belt and roller intake to meet your individual requirements
  • For example with conveyor belt extensions which make it possible to tip your production scrap collected in crates, cage boxes or octabins directly onto the conveyor belt with the forklift
  • Minimal material manipulation, labour-saving and logistics-friendly feeding of the system